Eye Catching

Brick Textures

Find the right textured look for your next project. From effortless and smooth to crafted with character. Explore our full line of brick textures below.

Note: Due to the manufacturing process, textures are available in select colors only. Contact your H.C Muddox brick consultant for more info.

Wire Cut

Wires are used to create a slight drag
and lightly pitted texture, highlighting the
natural minerals in the clay.

Green Tumbled

Pre-firing, the brick is sent through a
tumbler, creating dents and folds that give
it an old-world appearance.


Before firing, the extruded brick is stacked
(with or without placement to create set
marks). During the firing process, an excess
of natural gas is injected into the kiln. This
results in colors on the exposed surfaces
looking shiny, darker, or more vibrant.


Clay is extruded through a steel die to create a smooth finish, giving the brick a sleek and modern look.

Dry Tumbled

After firing, the brick is tumbled, creating
a weathered, rustic look with soft
rounded edges.


Sand is rolled and compressed into the
brick prior to firing, giving sanded brick a
glass like or matte appearance.


Powdered clays and other natural particles are compressed or sifted onto the clay. The same materials can be applied with a wet-based slurry before or after the firing process.

Add Dimension,

Add Character

At H.C. Muddox, we thrive on our ability to customize and innovate. One of the easiest ways to create signature facades is to customize with textures. 

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