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Realize Your Vision and Enhance Community Experiences for Generations

Architects don’t always see their visions fully realized. Often, they are changed by decision makers unrelated to the project creation in ways that compromise the value, performance, and design intent of the building and the surrounding community.

Our building envelope consultants offer customizable wall assembly solutions that allow architects to achieve their design intent while meeting program parameters so that materials are not later substituted. When you collaborate with H.C. Muddox, we work with you from design through project completion. Our team of system specialists understand design details and construction methods. When you look to H.C. Muddox you will find more sizes, more shapes, and more possibilities to ensure your creations come to life. How can we serve you?

Bricks by Design

Custom Bricks, Custom Solutions

The array of colors found in the strong yet lightweight clays in our extensive deposits produce distinct fired brick selections. Dramatic effects can be achieved from our vivid palette of hues, textures, and sizes to enhance nearly every project. Yet, for the discerning architect we can go even farther to create custom shapes and even colors. that extend the creative design possibilities. We are about crafting brick to last more than a lifetime. We are also passionate about bringing your design to fruition. We are your extended team of designers, architects, engineers, masons, and masonry specialists. We know about veneer, structural brick, panelized systems and so much more. Work with H.C. Muddox to discover solutions in clay you never thought possible.

Premier Brick Manufacturer
Since 1878

When H.C. Muddox was founded in 1878, it was producing many of the sewer pipes, bricks, chimney flues used to construct the region’s original buildings.

H.C. Muddox joined Pacific Coast Building Products in 1980 and continues to provide high-quality clay building products in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Distinct variety of custom brick products

Full line of standard brick products

Work with architects to extend the design possibilities

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